Nike Air Max 98 Sizing: exactly how Do They Fit?

September 27, 2022

The Nike Air Max 98 is certainly one of the lower seen silhouettes in the Air Max family, although it’s risk-free to state it’s a routine function across our footwear rotations right here at The Sole Supplier. originally introduced back in 1998 as well as developed by Sergio Lozano of AM95 fame, the design showcases chunky vintage vibes as well as has even been utilized as the blank canvas for partnerships with the likes of ultimate as well as numerous others.

While we like this silhouette, we routinely get enquiries asking exactly how it fits. Does it run big? Kicsi? Is it tight? worry no much more as we’ve put together the supreme Nike Air Max 98 size guide – implying you’ll never purchase the wrong size again, inspect it out best here!

Nike Air Max 98 – What’s the Verdict?

Fit: As a general rule, the AM98 fits true to size, we don’t recommend sizing up nor down.
Comfort: The full-length Air system seldom disappoints, enabling for long periods of comfortable wear.
Care: elaborate panels can be challenging to clean, so utilize a soft bristled clean as well as cleaning solution.
Sizing: stay true to your typical size as well as make sure to utilize a conversion chart if needs be.

Nike Air Max 98 – What Our product Specialists Think

Image through Overkill
“I discover both the Air system together with the upper makes the Nike Air Max 98 one of the most comfortable Nike silhouettes out there.”
Emily – digital advertising & purchase Manager
How do they fit?

For me, the Nike Air Max 98 fits true to size, so it’s simple not to go wrong on this one! just stay with your typical size as well as don’t danger trying to go up or down a little, you may discover yourself dissatisfied with your newest cop.

Are they comfortable?

They are extremely comfortable! I discover both the Air system together with the upper makes the Nike Air Max 98 one of the most comfortable Nike Air silhouettes out there. I started choosing up a couple of pairs when Nike were pumping out a tons of new colourways to celebrate the 20th anniversary back in 2018.

How do you style them?

They are so versatile! You can style them with jeans, cycle shorts as well as joggers as well as they still look great. The Air Max 98 is one of those shoes you can just depend on to always do the trick, they’re quite much a go-to.

How do you clean them?

Sneakers er or Jason Markk Wipes do the trick. For the lighter colours especially, it makes sense to just provide them a quick wipe down after each wear.

Image through The Sole Supplier
“The Air Max 98 is kind of an unsung hero in my book. It was overshadowed by its predecessors as well as didn’t truly pop-off up until the revival back in 2018”
Jack – material Writer
How do they fit?

The Air Max 98 fits true to size. It’s ordinary as well as easy for me, I always go TTS in any type of Air Max silhouette as well as I’ve had lots of them over the years. Don’t danger taking a gamble on a smaller size or you’re bound to get unpleasant toes.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, I never really had a pair up until they retro’d the OGs back in 2018 as well as I used that pair to death. They ended up being everyday beaters for me because of just exactly how flexible as well as comfortable they were in every aspect!

How do you style them?

Due to the chunky nature of the silhouette I discover the AM98 works much better with baggier trousers. A go-to in shape for me throughout the chillier months would be cargo trousers, a long-sleeve tee shirts as well as a puffer jacket, it’s a champion every time.

How do you clean them?

Due to the elaborate panelling the Nike Air Max 98 isn’t the simplest sneaker to clean. I try as well as prevent getting them filthy in the very first place, however if I do a soft-bristled clean as well as some cleaning service will do the task nicely.

Image through The Sole Supplier
“You can’t go wrong with subtle colour coordination with the Air Max 98.”
Alim – social network Executive
How do they fit?

The word on the street is to go 1/2 a size up, nevertheless I don’t truly believe it’s required with the AM98. I wear mine with ankle socks as well as although the in shape is a bit snug I wouldn’t want any type of additional room!

Are they comfortable?

They’re certainly a comfortable sneaker to have in the rotation. The toe box is fitted well however there’s likewise space to relocation your toes around so they don’t go numb. The full-length Air system makes a great deal of difference too.

How do you style them?

You can’t go wrong with subtle colour coordination with the Air Max 98. My go-to is to match the secondary colour of my attire with the Air Max unit. additionally I like a pair of 98s for summertime so I’d rock them with some Nike tech Fleece shorts!

How do you clean them?

I utilize Crep safeguard spray to stop them from getting filthy in the very first place! If worst does come to worst I discover a quick wipe over willLegyen újra frissen. A technika az, hogy ne hagyja, hogy a szennyeződés felépüljön!

Kép a 43einHalb -n keresztül
“Általában az Air Max 98 -at rakodó nadrággal, valamint kapucnis pulóverrel rázom. Ezek a bölcs és alkalmi kombináció ideális kombinációja.”
Adam – Hírek vezetője és kreatívja
Hogyan illeszkednek?

Számomra a Nike Air Max 98 igazi a mérethez. Nem mennék semmiféle nagyobb vagy kisebb típusú, mivel ezek a tipikus méretében teljesen alakban vannak.


Az AM98 minden bizonnyal nagyon kényelmes, ám őszintén szólva, egy hétig nem ringatnám őket. Nem értem, ha csak én vagyok, amikor sokkal többet viszem őket, mint egy nap, a lábam eleje kissé összetörtnek, de ez ismét valószínűleg csak én vagyok.

Hogyan stílusolod őket?

Általában az Air Max 98 -at rakodó nadrággal, valamint kapucnis pulóverrel rázom. Ők a bölcs és az alkalmi kombináció ideális kombinációja.

Hogyan tisztítja őket?

Ha megértesz engem, nem vagyok igazán rajongója a cipőim tisztításának, mivel kedvelek néhány farkasokat itt és ott. Ennek ellenére, ha meg kellene tisztítanom őket, akkor egy jó nehéz tisztítást használnék Jason Markk -tól.

Kép a túlterhelésen keresztül
Nike Air Max 98: Amit meg kell tudni
A Nike Air Max 98 minden szándékkal és célokkal rendelkezik, egy kipróbált és értékelt klasszikus. Termék -szakembereink rendkívül rendkívül rendkívül a sziluettből, valamint számos cipőfej szívében különleges helyet foglalnak el. Noha nem minden egyes kiadás vörös-forró hype, minden lábbeli-fanatikus méltó egy megbízható 98-as párnak a gyűjteményükben!

Ügyeljen arra, hogy a legfrissebb Nike Air Max 98 hírekhez, valamint még sok minden mást tartson a legjobban a The Sole szolgáltatónál.

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